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The Fonz gives web 2.0 the thumbs up
Web 2.0? Heyyyyyy!

What is Web 2.0? - Well there isn't an definitive definition but there are various interperatations from several websites such as Oreillynet.com or Wikipedia.org.
Personally, "Web 2.0" is a phrase I don't care for very much for and I believe it's nothing more than a buzzword at the moment with a little too much hype behind it. However it should be noted that the sites that do qualify as "Web 2.0"?, such as MySpace, Flickr and Digg are still very impressive and implement avaliable technology, not to mention newer technologies such as AJAX, Ruby on rails etc, in a ton of great ways.

But that's not what this page is about. Instead this is my attempt at creating a clichéd Web 2.0? layout. To design this type of layout there are a few criteria I've noticed that are a must to include into your website to give it that "2.0 look". These are:

This isnt a definitive list, there are a few other factors that are quite popular (such as tag clouds), but these are the ones which are most prominant. Onto the mystery that is know as the blog...


I've never understood the popularity of the blog

The popularity of the blog, or weblog as it was known as, has skyrocketed. Millions of people have turned to "bloging" as a way to express their views, thoughts and musings on pretty much anything and everything. It seems as if everyone is doing it - from angsty teens to pop stars to even Microsoft executives.
I've always felt they had a slight sense of delusional self importance to them. Why anyone else would have a vested interest in the ramblings of another person they may not have even met is beyond me - but who am I to argue. People apparently are.
This is an example of a typical blog that one might use to "express their thoughts".

So that's that. I hope you like the layout. If you decide to use this design or parts of it, I kindly ask you to leave the "Design by AzeemAlim.co.uk" or "Inspired by AzeemAlim.co.uk" link in the footer.

Additional Info

Web 2.0 designs usually are 2 or 3 collumn layouts - various thing can be kept in this collumn such as links, a gallery etc.
This webpage is coded entirely in Valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS. This website is a fixed width - which means it will look the same on any screen resolution. Also no tables were touched in the making of this website. That's a good thing. It's also been tested in IE 6 (I.hate.this.browser), Firefox and Safari.

Here is a cool box complete with rounder corners - its also flexible which means it will increase or decreace in height depending on the amount of text in it.

Web 2.0 Websites


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Another cool box with rounded corners - only green.

This calander would be used in conjunction with the blog.

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