Eid Magazine London

Readership and Distribution

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The Eid Magazine provides an ideal opportunity for Public and private sector to reach important section of BME communities across the capital. Extensive list of previous advertisers with Eid Magazine proves its popularity and viability.

Advertising or sponsoring the Eid Magazine is the perfect way to be associated with this important event, and wish readers a happy Eid!

Readership & distribution

The Eid magazine is targeting over million strong Muslim population of the capital, 30,000 free copies will be distributed via satragic pick up points as well as It will be available in London borough libraries, local schools and London universities. Previous issues have proved that readers are likely to retain this souvenir copy making Eid Magazine a publication with long shelf life and increasing its readership by many folds.

Muslims in London

The Muslim population in London is one of the largest of any European city. Islam is the second largest faith in London after Christianity. The 2001 Census noted that there were approximately 1.6 million Muslims in Britain - this is now probably closer to 2 million.

As with most other national, ethnic and faith minorities, London is home to a larger proportion of Muslims than is the UK average. While 14 per cent of UK 's population lives in London , almost 50 per cent of the Muslims in England , Scotland and Wales live in London .

London boroughs where Muslims constitute more than 10 per cent of the population is Tower Hamlets, Newham, Waltham Forest, Hackney, Brent, Redbridge, Westminster, Camden, Haringey and Ealing.

Britains' Muslim communities represent a large variety of ethnic backgrounds. The 2001 Census showed that 11.6% Muslims are White, 6.9% are Black/Black British, 74% are Asian/Asian British and 7.5% are others. Almost 50% of Muslims in Britain are born in Britain and 50% are under the age of 25.