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Let's celebrate Eid in a Global spirit

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Eid is a Muslim festival, which is always anticipated with great delight. It marks the end of the holy month of fasting (Ramadan), a month of reflection, charity and self control. So Eid is the day when a Muslim's heart is full of joy with utmost purity of soul and wishes to involve all around them in this celebration.

We are proud to have a multicultural society in Britain where different communities are very well integrated. Especially in the capital we observe Londoners celebrating something or the other throughout the year. We join together in venues like Trafalgar Square or Hyde Park and celebrate Eid, Diwali, Vaisakhi and many other occasions.

Eid Magazine strives to present a more realistic, moderate and positive face of Islam that majority of British Muslims relate to. Featuring articles from Islamic art, architecture and music to humanitarian and charitable sprit of Islam. Moreover articles on the significance of EID, how it is celebrated in various parts of the world and how it can be celebrated in a multicultural UK. We are publishing Eid magazine in the spirit of intercommunity festivity. Eid Magazine now in its 6th year of publication has proven to be extremely successful with its readers and advertisers alike in North of England. By popular demand in 2007 we launched a stand alone edition of the Eid magazine for Greater London. The second edition of Eid London 2008 is coming out at the end of ‘Month of Ramadan’ (end of September 2008).